Going forward 💛⚡️

After more than five years of trying to be a #tshirt brand started by friends and family, it’s been decided to expand the objectives of ‘Love & Thunder’ to better reflect the passion for adventure & automobiles that we share with you.

Love and Thunder will continue to design and make T-shirt’s but we’ll also share more of the personal adventures and custom car projects that are a part of this journey.

Adventure & Automobiles.

We will always be a family & friends thing – Love & Thunder is not some big business with incredible marketing budget. Like many others Love & Thunder is a fledgling small family business buried underneath a passion for adventure in the great outdoors and a love of the automobile. We also kinda like T-shirt’s particularly as they’re cooler than our poor sun tans.

We hope you embrace us and what we’re trying to do. Join us on our journey, watch custom cars and campervans be built on a budget & thoroughly enjoyed. And if you’re so inclined buy a T-shirt.

Here’s to the Dreamers.