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a Life Liberty Justice Surprise

Life Liberty Justice

Its always interesting watching the trends across our website during the month and over the seasons – which t-shirts people look at and which they buy. Looking at analytics and sales figures provide interesting insights but like most things might never tell the whole story.

Life Liberty Justice T-Shirt DesignTake this past months “top flier” – our Life Liberty Justice t-shirt featuring crafted typography and a message that goes beyond a call for freedom for just one nation but those across the world. Perhaps it’s our concern for what’s happening in certain parts of the globe in places such as Syria. It might even be our own hearts cry for adventure and a true sense of freedom and fairness – a freedom to be completely ourselves without threat to body or mind. A desire to be treated fairly.

For whatever reason this particular chocolate brown typographic tee is an underground favourite.

You can buy yours here and join the ranks of those making the statement.

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This past Sunday marked the second annual OhSoRetro Show held in Margate, Kent. What we like about the show, besides being a local-ish end of summer-season gathering, is the great & varied collection of cars that make their way out onto the show ground.

For only the second running of the event, the turnout was near on 400 cars, and it’s not dominated by any one kind of genre, make or era. Despite it’s name this is a lot more to see than strictly “retro” cars from the eighties and nineties. There are proper classic cars – owners of which would never think of slamming their rides on air bags and scrapping their floor pans – all the way through the the hard core hotrodders, retro car lovers and custom car modifiers. It’s a great autumnal celebration of the automotive hobby enjoyed by all ages. People known as Petrolheads.

Few things bring together people from across the cultural spectrum, who may not share a conversation otherwise, than do car shows.

Being a “trader” at one of these shows belies our love of cars, creativity and petrolhead tendencies! We get to watch the show go by and participate in a way other attendees don’t. We also pay to be there. And it’s not about making a fast buck either, if you’ve ever traded at a show you’ll know that’s just not true. For Love & Thunder it’s about joining in the festivities, enjoying the cars and adding some of our flavour to the event and we’re very grateful for those who stop by and buy one of our t-shirts.

We bring along our 1OF1 custom PT Cruiser panelvan and some old school bmx bikes because they’re conversation starters – which for us is a great experience. We love chatting to people about “back in the day” on BMX bikes or discussing the build process of turning an unusual five door, five seater retro-styled hatchback into a one-of-a-kind steel body panelvan that we lug our t-shirts and kit around in to select shows around the country.

The OhSoRetro show 2015 was a great event – if we never met you this time around hopefully we’ll meet you at another gathering in the future. In the meantime Dream Build Drive!

Enjoy our pics and support the Love & Thunder!

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Who doesn’t love summer!

Let’s face it – who doesn’t love summer?

Sunshine, blue skies, trips to the beach, car shows, festivals and generally feeling warmer than any other time of the year. Summer. What’s not to love?

I don’t know about you, but life is always better when the sun is shining.

Now without this becoming another shameless plug to buy one or more of our awesome t-shirts (nudge nudge wink wink)  this really is about spending less time at the desk, and even less time in the garage, and spending a lot more time with friends and family enjoying this far too short solstice for us who live in certain parts of the northern hemisphere.

So, buy a sketch book and pencil – draw some stuff, write some poems, do some hand lettering typography – and dream, not just a little… Dream a lot. Maybe about your next roadtrip or adventure, or even dare I say it – a new hot rod project?

Already we’re hearing people say “ah the nights are getting longer now..” – honestly! Can we not just enjoy the warm fuzziness for as long as possible before plunging into daylight savings? The English summer is rather splendid when it gets going.

So, how about focussing on the joys of summer – the getting out more and living life to the full kind of thoughts – which, let’s face it, always start with a spark of some kind before evolving into a full fledged plan.

So what’s your plan for the summer? Vacation time is precious and all too often far too short we always say. Get out and do stuff. Stretch the weekends out. Make memories!

Perhaps your time will be spent dragging an old classic aircooled vw camper or beetle around to the various volkswagen enthusiast shows. Or maybe you’ll be hauling out the retro car and heading off to some music festivals or the retrorides gathering for a spot of hill-climbing.

Maybe you’ll buy a pop-up tent. Maybe you don’t have a clue what I’m talking about because you life stateside or some other far flung place on this lovely planet!

If you follow us on Instagram or Facebook you may have seen that we started June off with a trip to Denmark & Sweden, then a weekend fling to amazing Le Mans 24 hour race, followed up by a 1800 mile roadtrip from Ukraine back to England through 10 different countries. Why? A friend needed to relocate back to the UK. Hey, where there’s roads we’ll travel…It was a remarkable trip and has left the three of us with some great memories and a stronger friendship.

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Life is better when you’re laughing!

They say laughter is the best medicine.

LIfe is better in coloursLove and Thunder fully endorses much fun and laughter – it’s an antidote for the seriousness that often engulfs us.

This brilliant vintage typography design by Cymone Wilder – Life is better when you’re laughing – sums up our sentiments and those of so many others who enjoy a good laugh out loud.

Available on unisex/mens Super Deluxe 100% cotton t-shirts in either traditional Navy Blue or environmentally friendly Forest Green – or on a soft touch fitted ladies t-shirt in antique sapphire.

With three choices you’re sure to find one just for yourself.

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That time of year already!?!

Thank you for your support this year – it’s been a big deal for Love & Thunder Clothing Co.

After conceiving Love and Thunder back in August 2013 it was a long road to bring this vision to fruition this past year. 2014 has been a very interesting and exciting journey – and you’ve been a part of it. Thank you.

From our first product releases; the launch of the Artist Series of t-shirts; to our first public appearance at the Retro Show at Santa Pod Raceway, it’s been hard work and fun. Not to mention a great learning experience with both highs and lows – all of which is going to help the vision of Love & Thunder grow from strength to strength over the coming years – that’s the hope anyway!

So now with the year drawing to a close, all that’s left is to wish you and yours a joyous Christmas and prosperous New Year. If you’re having a holiday – we hope it’s a happy one.

Here’s to 2015 and we hope you continue to support us on this journey.

Retro Steve and the Love & Thunder crew.

Love and Thunder Clothing Co.
Visit us and shop online at
Connect with us on social media at: | |

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Black Friday aint so black

It seems the shopping world goes mad for sales and honestly it’s difficult to keep up with all of the special occasions that are now linked to big retail discounts. Just like you – we also love a good deal, so…

We’re still offering you £10 off when you buy two or more of our t-shirts!

The discount of £10 is automatically applied to your shopping cart, and if you live in the UK you get free shipping too. If you’re an overseas buyer and you purchase three or more t-shirts we’ll refund the shipping cost to you – how’s that sound eh?

As a small independent apparel brand who don’t make their garments in the millions over in China or somewhere in the far east, we have shark infested waters to navigate as it is, so massive discounting is just not possible for a small entrepreneurial business such as ours – but that’s the risk of bringing original illustration and authentic typographic based graphic designs to the open world market.

We hope that you find something rare and special at Love and Thunder Clothing Company – we’ve spent a great deal of time and creative effort to do something different and showcase some great designs on high quality 100% cotton Super Deluxe t-shirts.

Where else will you find such great illustration from real artists with old aircooled Volkwagens such as the iconic beetle and Samba camper van bus; custom build Dream Build Drive hot rods; high boy hotrod roadsters; and 1949 Mercury Coupe adorned with raging flames?

Not to mention the screen prints featuring great typography, monograms and cool vintage aged effect graphics! Woooweee. We love a good t-shirt!

Enjoy your weekend – we at Love & Thunder hope you join the Paradox and buy a couple of our t-shirts!

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Trick & Treat Halloween Sale

So this weekend we’re having a little bit of a “we’ve gone mad” sale – Buy two t-shirts and get £10 off + FREE Worldwide Shipping! This weekend only!

There are a number of countries that we can’t ship to for free but most worldwide developed nations are welcome to take advantage of this offer. When you enter your country you’ll see if you qualify or not.

If you live in a place where free shipping is not offered please get in touch and we’ll see what can be done for you. Accept our apologies but we can’t control the efficiency of every countries postal service and guarantee that your t-shirts will arrive safely. Hopefully you understand.


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New Artist Series release

The Artist Series has been at the heart of the Love and Thunder Clothing Co. since the early hours of the brand’s birth.

We wanted to not just produce high quality apparel with great designs, but Love and Thunder wanted to showcase some standout artists and collaborate with them to bring some truly unique designs to our t-shirts and hoodies. Not only do we think the medium is good for superb design, illustration and typography, but we have always wanted the Artist Series to be able to directly benefit the creators of the work – to promote them and help further their careers – that’s a core value for us.

With so much being ripped off nowadays working directly with the artists is a way that we can ensure that Love and Thunder clothing is bringing refreshingly unique screen print designs into reality. And believe us when we say this – we get so excited when another Artist Series garment makes it off the press and into the lineup!

At this point in our short history we are super deluxe excited to add two new artists to our growing range of Artist Series t-shirts. Our first contest winner Thomas Rockstar from Copenhagen, Denmark and design student Cymone Wilder from Chicago, Illinois.

We hope that you will enjoy these distinctive and totally original artworks and support the artists by purchasing some of their t-shirts.

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Find us on Behance

We decided to started placing our design work on the creative landscape at Behance. It’s a top showcase for designer types and we’d like to show off our designs to the wider creative community.

It’s also a good opportunity to explain some of the rationale behind the designs and of course an opportunity to show off our artist series contributors too!

If you’re into the creative side of things take a look at our portfolio at and give us a thumbs up!