The Artist Series has been at the heart of the Love and Thunder Clothing Co. since the early hours of the brand’s birth.

We wanted to not just produce high quality apparel with great designs, but Love and Thunder wanted to showcase some standout artists and collaborate with them to bring some truly unique designs to our t-shirts and hoodies. Not only do we think the medium is good for superb design, illustration and typography, but we have always wanted the Artist Series to be able to directly benefit the creators of the work – to promote them and help further their careers – that’s a core value for us.

With so much being ripped off nowadays working directly with the artists is a way that we can ensure that Love and Thunder clothing is bringing refreshingly unique screen print designs into reality. And believe us when we say this – we get so excited when another Artist Series garment makes it off the press and into the lineup!

At this point in our short history we are super deluxe excited to add two new artists to our growing range of Artist Series t-shirts. Our first contest winner Thomas Rockstar from Copenhagen, Denmark and design student Cymone Wilder from Chicago, Illinois.

We hope that you will enjoy these distinctive and totally original artworks and support the artists by purchasing some of their t-shirts.