This past Sunday marked the second annual OhSoRetro Show held in Margate, Kent. What we like about the show, besides being a local-ish end of summer-season gathering, is the great & varied collection of cars that make their way out onto the show ground.

For only the second running of the event, the turnout was near on 400 cars, and it’s not dominated by any one kind of genre, make or era. Despite it’s name this is a lot more to see than strictly “retro” cars from the eighties and nineties. There are proper classic cars – owners of which would never think of slamming their rides on air bags and scrapping their floor pans – all the way through the the hard core hotrodders, retro car lovers and custom car modifiers. It’s a great autumnal celebration of the automotive hobby enjoyed by all ages. People known as Petrolheads.

Few things bring together people from across the cultural spectrum, who may not share a conversation otherwise, than do car shows.

Being a “trader” at one of these shows belies our love of cars, creativity and petrolhead tendencies! We get to watch the show go by and participate in a way other attendees don’t. We also pay to be there. And it’s not about making a fast buck either, if you’ve ever traded at a show you’ll know that’s just not true. For Love & Thunder it’s about joining in the festivities, enjoying the cars and adding some of our flavour to the event and we’re very grateful for those who stop by and buy one of our t-shirts.

We bring along our 1OF1 custom PT Cruiser panelvan and some old school bmx bikes because they’re conversation starters – which for us is a great experience. We love chatting to people about “back in the day” on BMX bikes or discussing the build process of turning an unusual five door, five seater retro-styled hatchback into a one-of-a-kind steel body panelvan that we lug our t-shirts and kit around in to select shows around the country.

The OhSoRetro show 2015 was a great event – if we never met you this time around hopefully we’ll meet you at another gathering in the future. In the meantime Dream Build Drive!

Enjoy our pics and support the Love & Thunder!