Built in December 1985 in Zuffenhausen, Germany and registered in the UK on this day in January 1986.

Porsche 944 16v

This cars been in my possession for going on ten years and during that time undergone some major upgrades – including a 16v conversion, lightened & balanced flywheel and clutch, custom S2 intake, custom exhaust and adjustable SPAX poly bushed suspension now rolling on rare early offset 16” 944 Turbo Teledial alloys – amongst other upgrades.


Don’t mistake this standard looking Porsche 944 for a lethargic cruiser. It’s a whippet having had some mild lightweight treatment to compliment the increase in performance.

Porsche 944 oval dash interior

The unmarked burgundy pinstripe and half leather interior is completely original, and features the later oval dash style and an early 90’s period CD player – that honestly is hardly used due to the burbling exhaust soundtrack.

Long live #TheHoff944

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