Vintage College Monogram Logo T-Shirt


Have you attended the school of hard knocks? We have too. A classy custom vintage typographic monogram design!

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32 Ford Duece Coupe Vintage College Monogram T-shirt

Have you attended the school of hard knocks? We have too.

This is the Love and Thunder version of the School of Hard Knocks Monogram College emblem – just kidding. However you can wear it with pride and make people wonder what it is while they marvel at it’s vintage college-coolness.

This original typographic monogram graphic design by RetroSteve features an interlocking L & T – it’s clever indeed. Almost cryptic but ever so cool.

In case you were wondering, this particular serene green Super Deluxe heavyweight t-shirt is 100% cotton sporting our fully featured soft-touch multicoloured screen printed design that won’t make you feel like you’ve got plastic stuck to your chest. Because that just won’t do – not around here anyway.

This is a badge of honour my friend. Welcome to the exclusivity of Love & Thunder.

Love and Thunder Super Deluxe T-Shirts feature:

  • 100% Cotton
  • Super Heavyweight 200+gsm fabric
  • Premium quality screenprint
  • Original Typographic Artwork
  • two colour print
  • Damask woven Neck and hem label