Let’s face it – who doesn’t love summer?

Sunshine, blue skies, trips to the beach, car shows, festivals and generally feeling warmer than any other time of the year. Summer. What’s not to love?

I don’t know about you, but life is always better when the sun is shining.

Now without this becoming another shameless plug to buy one or more of our awesome t-shirts (nudge nudge wink wink)  this really is about spending less time at the desk, and even less time in the garage, and spending a lot more time with friends and family enjoying this far too short solstice for us who live in certain parts of the northern hemisphere.

So, buy a sketch book and pencil – draw some stuff, write some poems, do some hand lettering typography – and dream, not just a little… Dream a lot. Maybe about your next roadtrip or adventure, or even dare I say it – a new hot rod project?

Already we’re hearing people say “ah the nights are getting longer now..” – honestly! Can we not just enjoy the warm fuzziness for as long as possible before plunging into daylight savings? The English summer is rather splendid when it gets going.

So, how about focussing on the joys of summer – the getting out more and living life to the full kind of thoughts – which, let’s face it, always start with a spark of some kind before evolving into a full fledged plan.

So what’s your plan for the summer? Vacation time is precious and all too often far too short we always say. Get out and do stuff. Stretch the weekends out. Make memories!

Perhaps your time will be spent dragging an old classic aircooled vw camper or beetle around to the various volkswagen enthusiast shows. Or maybe you’ll be hauling out the retro car and heading off to some music festivals or the retrorides gathering for a spot of hill-climbing.

Maybe you’ll buy a pop-up tent. Maybe you don’t have a clue what I’m talking about because you life stateside or some other far flung place on this lovely planet!

If you follow us on Instagram or Facebook you may have seen that we started June off with a trip to Denmark & Sweden, then a weekend fling to amazing Le Mans 24 hour race, followed up by a 1800 mile roadtrip from Ukraine back to England through 10 different countries. Why? A friend needed to relocate back to the UK. Hey, where there’s roads we’ll travel…It was a remarkable trip and has left the three of us with some great memories and a stronger friendship.