So this is it? The beginning of another great adventure!

Welcome to Love and Thunder – thanks for taking the time out of your day to drop by and pay us a visit.

You’ll see from our designs and reading about who we are that we think and do things a little differently around here but we hope you feel at home and have a connect with us.

The blokes involved in bringing Love and Thunder to life have done things like this before but never with the same kind of focus on the look & feel of the brand expressed in this way. For a couple of years now Love & Thunder was an idea without a name – so it stayed dormant, hibernating. But that name made its self known last August on a flight to Spain. As soon as “Love and Thunder” became the name the idea had a place in this world. The name gave us a picture of what we were to do. It was a defining moment and laid the foundation for what you see here today and what Love and Thunder will hopefully become in the future.

This is a collaborative effort. Nothing get’s launched by the hand of only one man or woman so it’s first with thanks to RetroSteve, Dan, JonnyB and Tersh that things have progressed this far. And to every one else whose encouraged us along the way – cheers!

People wonder why another clothing brand? To answer a question like that we can only say – why another song, or another painting? First and foremost, Love and Thunder is another form of expression. It’s years of various experiences all coming together and finding an outlet. In much the same way as an artist creates a painting, or a song writer pens a new song. This time the things we create take a form that’s beyond the drawing or illustrating or designing – it becomes functional too. Something you can wear. Something you can identify with on more levels than just one.

So our hope is that you will join us on this journey and support us & the artists that are caught up in this new adventure!