Clearly my buggy had wiring issues after 58 years and not knowing air cooled vw’s at all I needed some help.

Gauges not working. Warning lights not working. Dodgy connectors. Scrambled wires. Left front indicator not working and when I switched on the headlights all the lights on the left dimmed…You get the gist.


Someone recommended this book… and then I began to realise I had a lot of rewiring & fault checking ahead of me.


Got to say this book is filled with ace illustrations too!




I read in the book that there should be two warning lights appear on ignition – a red one and a green one. My ‘71 beetle owning friend agreed. I had the bulb holders but no illumination, I changed the bulbs but no lights.

That’s when I decided to start ripping wires out and using an early wiring diagram & posts from the forum to find a way forward. Who the heck knew the wiring on early beetles (mines a 1962 base) changed so much!






The wiring was a complete mish-mash of different colours and thicknesses. Clearly someone had a lot of yellow and blue wire laying about at some point in this buggies history., so figuring out what wires went where for what, was a big challenge. I’m no auto electrician but I could tell that was a problem!

Next step was ordering a lot of wire and connectors online then systematically replacing each wire & old connector with new. It took me a good few weekends and I kinda enjoyed the experience of learning new skills & getting this right.

Now it all works perfectly!


Watch the video!

Happy days!